Commercial Insurance

Our Commercial Insurance division has extensive experience working with business owners.  Our team includes an experienced commercial underwriter and professional agents with numerous awards and designations earned through continuing education, and we can design custom plans for each client based on the unique exposures.

Our process begins by getting to know you and really understanding your business. Our objective is to help you build or maintain “best in class” status in your industry. When insurance carriers underwrite your account, they are assessing risk: the greater the chance they perceive of you having a loss, the higher the premium you pay.  By being the “best in class,” you’re positioned to secure the lowest possible premium and the broadest coverage terms.  Our team understands how to make this happen for you.

It means gathering the necessary data to put together a submission and tell your story.  We must “sell” your account to an underwriter and show them why giving you the best pricing and coverage will still result in a profit for them.

Once we negotiate the best deal for your business, we present you with a proposal comparison.  You will see a side-by-side comparison of your current policies with a program that’s been custom tailored to your business.  There is nothing cookie cutter about what we bring to our clients.

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