Collector's interests vary as greatly athe value of their collections. Serious collectors need specialty coverage that fully protects the value of their hobbies, passions, and toys.   

Traditional homeowners' policies offer limited coverage for most collectibles.  Therefore, you may consider purchasing a collections policy, also known as valuable articles policy, to preserve your treasured possessions.   

Collections can be insured in several ways.  Coverage is typically offered by scheduling individual pieces if the collection contains higher-valued items or under a blanket amount, such as $5,000 to covering a bundle of lower-valued pieces.  Often, it's a combination of both.  

A sample of Eligible Collections (Not Inclusive)

Musical Instruments

Furs / Couture


Books, Manuscripts, Maps



Guns & Related Equipment

Dolls, Teddy Bears, Toys



Sport Memorabilia

Entertainment Memorabilia

Model Trains

Rare, Unique or Novel Items


Silverware, Gold Ware, Pewter Ware


Antiques, Rugs, Tapestries


Collectibles insurance policies may include the following:

  • Worldwide coverage, including while in transit.
  • Agreed Values
  • Market appreciation up to an additional 50% of scheduled value
  • No Deductibles
  • Protection for loss in original value if damaged
  • Jewelry repair and restoration
  • Coverage for pairs and sets
  • Protection immediately upon purchase.
  • Discounts for jewelry kept in a bank vault or a secured safe at home.


The professionals at McKinney-Green Insurance can also help with best practices on storing and protecting your jewelry, connect you to 3rd party professional appraisers, and recommend the best inventory solutions.

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