Few possessions evoke the emotional sentiments of a special piece of jewelry Jewelry pieces are often passed down through generations of families or remind you of a very special moment in your life.   

Most homeowners' policies offer limited coverage for jewelry that's lost, stolen, or damaged  Therefore, you may consider purchasing a jewelry policy to preserve your most treasured possessions.   

Jewelry can be insured in several ways.  Coverage is typically offered by scheduling individual pieces if the collection contains higher-valued items or under a blanket amount, such as $25,000 to covering a bundle of lower-valued pieces.  Often, it's a combination of both.  


Jewelry insurance policies may include the following:

  • Worldwide coverage, including while in transit.
  • Agreed Values
  • Market appreciation up to an additional 50% of scheduled value
  • No Deductibles
  • Protection for loss in original value if damaged
  • Jewelry repair and restoration
  • Coverage for pairs and sets
  • Protection immediately upon purchase.
  • Discounts for jewelry kept in a bank vault or a secured safe at home.


The professionals at McKinney-Green Insurance can also help with best practices on storing and protecting your jewelry, connect you to 3rd party professional appraisers, and recommend the best inventory solutions.

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