Insurance for Your Wine Collection

Wine connoisseurs understand the benefits of owning personal collection.  Besides the enjoyment, a carefully selected wine collection can be a smart financial investment.   

Most homeowners' policies do not adequately cover wine collections.  Therefore, whether it's for personal use, an investment, or both, you may want to consider purchasing wine insurance to preserve your collection, especially if your collection is in your own wine cellar.   

Collections can be insured in several ways.  Coverage is typically offered under a blanket amount, such as $75,000scheduled individually if the collection contains high-valued bottles or a combination of both.  


Wine insurance policies may include the following:

  • Protection against damages due to fire, theft, earthquake, or accidental breakage.
  • Protection against mechanical breakdowns if the climate control unit fails and spoils the wine
  • Protection against label damage in a flood or other natural disaster. For many rare, vintage wines, the label increases the value of the wine.
  • Protection worldwide
  • Protection immediately upon purchase and up to 90 days following.
  • Market appreciation up to an additional 50% if the value has appreciated higher than the insured value

The professionals at McKinney-Green Insurance can also help with best practices on storing and protecting a collection, connect you to 3rd party professional appraisers, and recommend the best inventory solutions.

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